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    5. 您好!歡迎訪問常州市瑪諾科技有限公司官方網站!


      常州市瑪諾科技有限公司位于經濟發達的 “長江三角洲”地區,與上海南京等距相望,與 蘇州、無錫連接成片。是江蘇重要的制造業基地, 聞名全國的工業明星城市。

      公司成立于2006年,經過十幾年的拼搏發展,公司已經形 成一定產業規模;現擁有一支高素質的員工隊伍,技術力量 強大,設備齊全。公司產品廣泛應用江蘇、浙江、河南、河北、 四川,廣東等地,遠銷東南亞及歐洲部分友好國家,在國內紡織印染、環保行業頗有影響。

      公司產品主要適用于:拉幅定型機,印花機,烘簡,數 碼轉移印花,涂層機,圓網平網印花機等。

      我公司將以優質的產品和良好的服務期待著 新老客戶的光臨!

      Changzhou Manuo Technology Co. , Ltd. is located in the economically developed "Yangtze River DeltaMarea, equidistant from Shanghai and Nanjing and connected with Suzhou and Wuxi. Jiangsu is an important manufacturing base, well-known throughout the country, s industrial star city.

      The company was founded in 2006, after more than ten years of . development, the company has formed a certain industrial scale; now has a

      high-quality workforce, strong technical force, complete equipment. Products are widely used in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Hebei, Sichuan, Guangdong and other places, exported to Southeast Asia and Europe part of friendly countries, in the domestic textile printing and dyeing, environmental protection industry quite influential.

      The company5 s products are mainly used in: stenciling machine, printing machine, drying Jane, digital transfer printing, coating machine, rotary screen flat screen printing machine.

      I will be the company, s high-quality products and good service to look forward to the new and old customers!